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RAM-4 pipe cleaning machine developed by Goodway with its new generation technology provides maximum performance in cleaning condenser, chiller, heat exchanger, oil cooler, evaporator pipes with its new user-oriented design.

The fifth generation Goodway RAM-4 machine removes lime, scale, mud, slime, mud, slime, moss, etc. from the inner surfaces of the pipes. It is designed to clean the layers in a shorter time, easily and effectively, reduce high energy costs and increase the efficiency of your systems.

RAM-4 Pipe cleaning machine can be used safely on all pipe diameters between 6mm and 25,4mm. The rotation speed of the shaft connected to the machine is provided by the foot pedal with switch. The rotation power and water spraying into the pipe are automatically activated when the foot pedal is pressed, and deactivated when the foot is removed from the pedal. It is designed for vertical and horizontal operation for easy operation.

By attaching the appropriate cleaning head to the flexible shaft and rotating 862 revolutions per minute, it allows you to safely clean all iron, copper, titanium, stainless steel, brass and plastic pipes.



  • Stylish, modern design stainless steel case
  • Interchangeable cleaning attachments
  • Manual Speed Controlled
  • Transport trolley
  • Quick shaft entry connection
  • Water Spray (Jacketed)
  • Bi-directional foot pedal



  • Flexible Shaft Speed: 862 rpm
  • Motor Power : 0.5 HP (0.4 Kw)
  • Input Power: Standard: 4.5 amps, 230 V, 50 Hz

Optional: 9 amps, 115 V, 60 Hz / 9 amps, 115 V, 50 Hz / 4.5 amps, 230 V, 60 Hz

  • Pipe Diameter Range (mm ID) : 6.4 mm -max. 25.4mm
  • Dimensions: 940mm (height) x 510mm (width) x 430mm (depth)
  • Weight 22 Kg

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