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Founded in 1992, our company initially started its commercial journey in the coal sector, expanded its service and product range over time and started to operate in logistics and finally in HVAC (heating and cooling) sectors. While we continue our coal and logistics operations under Alsa Group, we have concentrated our innovative efforts in the heating and cooling sector under the İnci Enerji brand.

As İnci Enerji, our focus is to produce energy-saving, environmentally friendly and technological maintenance machines. Our basic principle is to develop sustainable solutions without compromising quality in our production processes. At the same time, we strengthen our presence in the sector with maintenance services for industrial facilities and continue to add value to our customers.

In addition to production, we are the Turkish distributor of the US-based Goodway Technology and UK-based Kamco companies, which are considered to be pioneers in the heating and cooling sector worldwide. Thanks to these collaborations, we offer the latest technologies and innovations in the sector to the Turkish market and provide world-class solutions to our customers.

Our mission is to make our world a more livable place through innovative and effective solutions. While contributing to environmental sustainability with our products that maximize energy savings, we aim to consolidate our leadership in the sector and make life easier for our customers.

In the time that has passed since our establishment, we have managed to create a positive impact not only in our sectors but also in our society, thanks to our passionate values and innovative approach. As İnci Enerji, we will continue to work for a sustainable world by renewing our hope and commitment for the future.

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The industrial maintenance and cleanup project

Since our establishment, we have increased the efficiency of industrial facilities by offering solutions suitable for the needs of our customers in various sectors.

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