Air Driven Pipe Cleaning Gun

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The Model PSM-500 heat exchanger is a gun for cleaning oil cooler pipes. You can easily use the hollow drill with its cutter tube and heads on pipes with diameters of 4.8 – 25.4 mm. It provides very fast and highly efficient cleaning of completely or heavily clogged sections of straight type pipes in this diameter range. Gun cleaning system; Heat exchanger pipes, cooler pipes (oil, hydraulic air, heavy-duty machinery, diesel engine, compressor, plastic injection oil coolers) etc. is used in many places.

The gun cleans pipes with diameters ranging from 4.8 – 6.4 mm with a carpid-type gouge-cutter tube, a gouge shaft cleaning channel and a diamond tip along the length of the pipe up to 1.8 meters. In combination with pipe cleaning heads (centrifugal opening, straight, diamond-tipped drill type, etc.) or brushes (stainless steel, brass, plastic, etc.), it cleans pipes with a diameter range of 6.4 – 25.4 mm up to 6 meters. On request, special cleaning equipment can be manufactured for cleaning smaller diameter pipes.


  • Air Driven Motor Power: 2/3 HP (Depends on air pressure)
  • Drilling Speed (RPM) : 950 rpm. is. (Free Speed)
  • Air Requirement : Minimum 3.5 Boron (0.3 m3/min. Consumption) maximum 6.2 Boron (0.53 m3/min. Consumption)
  • Water Requirement : Minimum 2.1 Boron (city mains water) maximum 7 Boron (city mains water)

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