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AWT-100X pipe cleaning systems developed with air-assisted technology 6.4 mm. to 300 mm. from heavy sediments in the diameter range has the power to clean effectively.

The soot and tar contamination caused by the fuel in the heating systems are cleaned at high performance with the dry type flexible shaft, different scraping blades and brush groups connected to the machine. It ensures that the pollution layer formed inside the pipes is discharged from the other side of the pipe.

The operation of the machine is ensured by supplying sufficient air to the engine. The movement of the air is done by a foot pedal with an air switch.

The machine has a 4 HP (3 KW) powerful motor and the shaft speed can be adjusted step by step between 500 and 3000 rpm.

The AWT-100X features a speed and torque controller that allows speed and force to be optimally adjusted according to the application.

Optionally, water can be connected to the machine and water cleaning can be done with the appropriate shaft.

When desired, the machine can be used with a vacuum device to clean the hard soot layer and at the same time it is automatically collected in the vacuum device chamber.



  • Pstainless steel body
  • Air Driven Motor
  • Interchangeable Cleaning Apparatus
  • Speed/torque control – Control speed, rpm, pressure for every application
  • Air cleaner – extends engine life
  • Operation System with Foot Pedal



Flexible Shaft Speed: : 500 to 3000 rpm.

Engine Power : 4 HP (3 Kw)

Air needs: Minimum 4.1 bar, 25 m3/h, Maximum 6.9 bar, 119 m3/h

Dimensions: 940 mm (height) x 510 mm (width) x 430 mm (depth)

Weight 25 kg

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