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It is important to protect heating systems after cleaning them from scale, sludge and corrosion residues. SYSTEMSAFE – specially formulated for the complete protection of your DM system against corrosion and scale. It is added according to the amount of water in your system. It prevents corrosion in your systems and ensures longer operation of your boiler or combi boiler, extends system life and increases efficiency.

Localized corrosion occurs in radiators and iron oxidation leads to iron oxide sludge accumulation. This sludge build-up also reduces the flow rate of the water flow in the radiator. SYSTEMSAFE – DM prevents these formations.

SYSTEMSAFE – DM can be used on all metals commonly used in heating systems such as iron, steel, brass, copper and aluminum.

1- Suitable for all metal systems.

2- Prevents the formation of lime, mud and microbiological slime.

3- Prevents pitting and galvanized corrosion.

4- Protects the heating system and extends its life.

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