Scalebreaker FX


Product Details

It is used for the cleaning of lime, rust and mud deposits on the equipment of heating and cooling systems, radiators, internal surfaces of installation pipes. It allows iron oxides to dissolve.

You can safely use it on steel, cast iron, copper, brass, stainless steel, plastic and rubber evenings.

Application and Usage:

SCALEBREAKER FX is added 10-20% to the existing water volume in the system. Heating the system water will increase the reaction rate. However, the system water temperature should not be raised above 70 °C.

When used at low concentrations, the temperature needs to be raised to increase the cleaning rate. High concentrations of SCALEBREAKER FX are recommended for cleaning rust and iron oxide contamination.

To dissolve the scale, SCALEBREAKER FX acid solution is added to the tank of the SCALEBREAKER pump and circulation is started. As the lime in the system dissolves, foaming will increase and carbon dioxide gas will be released.

If there is still lime scale after circulation, the process is continued with the addition of SCALEBREAKER FX. The color of the solution will change upon completion of the reaction. However, if iron oxide accumulation is high in the system, it may mask the color change.

After the cleaning process is finished, the discharge valve of the Kamco SCALEBREAKER pump is opened and discharged. The system is then neutralized.

Technical data

– Usage rate: 10-20% with water
– Appearance: pink/red colored liquid
– Odor: Slightly sweet
– Density at 20°C: ca. 1.28 g/ml
pH value of the -10% solution: <0.9
– Solubility in water at 20°C: infinite
– Maximum temperature: 70 ° C
– non-flammable and non-volatile.

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