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RAM PRO XL® offers effective cleaning with Tube Guard-XL technology for pipe cleaning.

With Tube Guard-XL technology; while the RAM-PRO-XL pipe cleaning machine cleans the pipes with high performance, the tablet placed inside the machine melts and forms a film layer inside the pipe with water. This film layer prevents the formation of biological bacteria in the cleaned pipes. Tube Guard tablet prevents oxidation starting in chiller pipes in a very short time and protects the pipes against corrosion.

RAM-RO-XL can be used at the desired speed between 0-900 thanks to its variable speed setting. Thanks to the bidirectional foot pedal, it provides high performance in all grooved and straight pipes. Patented product with quick shaft entry connection and interchangeable brush accessories.

Thanks to its specially designed outer protection, RAM-PRO-XL provides ease of transportation and protects the machine and engine against impacts.


  • RAM-PRO-XL state-of-the-art pipe cleaning machine
  • Starter TubeGuard-XL tablet pack
  • Variable speed setting. (Optimum speed control for every application)
  • External protection cage
  • Interchangeable cleaning attachments
  • Quick shaft entry connection
  • Bi-directional foot pedal

TubeGuard Technology: Forms a film layer and protects against corrosion.

External Protection Cage : Protects the RAM-PRO-XL during transportation and use.

High Performance: A chain is used instead of a rubber belt to prevent strain on the machine during pipe cleaning.

Durability : The motor is resistant to shocks and jolts.

Transportation : Easy transportation and storage.


  • Flexible Shaft Speed: Adjustable, 0-900 rpm
  • Motor Power : 0.5 HP (0.4 Kw)
  • Input Power: Standard: 3 amps, 230V, 50/60 Hz

Optional: 3 amps, 230V, 50/60 Hz / 5.5 amps, 115V, 50/60 Hz

  • Water Requirement 7.56lt/min at 2 bar
  • Pipe Diameter Range (mm ID) : 6.4 mm -max. 25.4mm
  • Dimensions: 510mm (height) x 230mm (width) x 660mm (depth)

Weight 25 kg

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