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GOODWAY LD-2X2 MODEL PIPE LEAK DETECTOR allows you to test your heat transfer pipes for leaks quickly and effectively. A small leak in the systems prevents the system from working efficiently and causes a decrease in cooling/heating capacity. With the periodic checks to be made with the LD-2X2 detector; leaks in the pipes (such as Cooler, Heat Exchanger, Condenser, etc.) can be tested and detected and the system performance can be kept at maximum level.

General Features :
  • Model LD-2X2 consists of two separate light guns. The guns are placed opposite each other on both sides of the pipes with their mouths facing inwards. The guns will be kept under pressure until the values on the air pressure gauges mounted on the back of the guns are balanced by pressing the opposite triggers. With the indicator in the gun under pressure, even a drop of leakage can be detected.
  • Both detectors are fitted with a replaceable air pressure gauge.
  • The detector is available with four different bullet mouth adapter kits, 15.9- 25.4 mm. can be used in pipes in diameter range.
  • The length of the probes of the detectors is 4.5″ (114 mm.).
  • There is a special carrying case for the detector and all of its equipment.
Simple Operation :
  • The probe of the single detector is inserted for testing from the end of any pipe inwards.
  • It is activated by pressing the trigger of one or two detector guns. Hand on the trigger, back of the detector: In systems with the back of the detector, the pressure gauge on the back of the detector is held until it stabilizes. (For fast measurement in open areas, double detectors are used).
  • When the pipe is full of air, the hand is released from the trigger and the air pressure is monitored on the gauge to check for leaks.
  • Even small leaks in pipes are easily detected.
  • Pressure is released from the relay valve on the detector. The same process is repeated to test the new pipe.

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