Pneumatic-Hydraulic Hose Cleaning Kit

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The JL-5030 is a powerful and compact choice for cleaning pneumatic hydraulic pipes and hoses. 4.8-51 mm inner diameter range Fast and effective tube cleaning system. The foam selected in accordance with the inner diameter size provides cleaning with the fast and hard movement of the bullet. In addition to working on straight pipes, it can also work on curved, coil-shaped curved pipes, valves and 90°C curved pipes and hoses and gives the same result.

JETLOAD uses compressed air to move the foam projectile. The operator can change the appropriate tip and projectile very easily. The projectile is launched in a forward air-driven direction and perfectly cleans the inside of the pipe or hose. It leaves no residue after cleaning. The pressure relief valve prevents back pressure.

JCL -5030 JetLoad Pneumatic Hose Cleaning gun with 9 standard hose nozzles and carrying case.


JetLaunch-XL – 2 ” – For 41/2 ” pipes

Specially designed for cleaning large diameter pipes and hoses. Cleaning of hoses, tubes and pipes is provided with a single nozzle system.


Technical Specifications

Place of Use Hose/Pipe
Pipe / Hose Measurements : 4.8 – 51 mm
Air Requirement: min. 6.2 bar max. 10.0 bar
Weight 3.7 kg
Carrying Case: 381 mm(h) x 508 mm(w) x 137.9 mm (d)

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