GDS-15-pH (Chemical Cycle Tank)

Chemical Cycle Tank with Automatic pH Measurement

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Until now, businesses have had to rely on the person using the chemical to clean limescale, which requires constant vigilance. Therefore, during chemical cleaning, the sensitive heat exchanger
A well-designed system was needed to prevent damage to the equipment. The Goodway GDS-15-pH cleaning system provides unparalleled operator convenience. After connecting the inlet and outlet hoses for the pipe heat exchangers, the chemical and water circulation is simply done by the machine. Since it automatically adjusts the pH level, it adds chemicals when needed. The operator can attend to other tasks while the machine is cleaning. After cleaning is completed, the waste water is neutralized and discharged.

  • Chemical resistant pumps and fittings
  • 114 lt./min. fast conversion
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Convenient portable design
  • Inlet and outlet valves for easy cycling
  • 2 4.6 m long loop hoses
  • 57 liter capacity ventilation barrel for closed systems
  • Fully automatic chemical cycle pump
  • 0.5 liter capacity pH probe storage solution
  • 5 pH 7.01 and 5 pH 4.01 calibration solution packs
  • MOTOR POWER : 0.6 kW.
  • INPUT POWER : 5.5 amps 230 V, 50 Hz.
  • WATER OUTLET FLOW RATE : 114 lt./min.
  • PUMP : Centrifugal main pump and integrated chemical pump.
  • DIMENSIONS : 1220 mm x 660 mm x 840 mm (load x width x depth)
  • WEIGHT : 57 kg.

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