Things to consider in boiler maintenance

Boilers, the heart of heating systems, must operate smoothly, especially in winter. Boiler maintenance is an important process that directly affects both your comfort and safety. For this reason, your boiler should be regularly checked and maintained. Here are the main points you should pay attention to in boiler maintenance:

1. Get Professional Help:
Boiler maintenance is a technical process that requires expertise. It is important that annual checks and maintenance are carried out by a qualified and certified technician. A professional service can accurately check all parts of the boiler and detect potential problems early on.

2. Perform Pressure Checks:
The operating pressure of the boiler must be within the ranges recommended by the manufacturer. Neither too high nor too low pressure can prevent the boiler from working efficiently. Regularly check the pressure gauge and make necessary adjustments.

3. Watch the Water Level:
The water level in the boiler must not fall below a certain level. A low water level can cause the boiler to overheat and cause serious damage. Check the water level regularly and add water if necessary.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance:
The internal parts of the boiler can become clogged over time due to scale and sediment build-up. This can significantly reduce the efficiency of the boiler. During annual maintenance, ensure that the boiler is cleaned inside.

5. Safety Valve and Drainage Control:
The boiler’s safety valve and drain line are vital to ensure safety in case of overpressure or water. Regular checks should be carried out to ensure that these parts are working properly.

6. Flame and Combustion Efficiency:
The color of the boiler flame gives information about combustion efficiency. A blue flame indicates that the gas is burning at the correct rate, while a yellow or orange flame may indicate a problem. Combustion efficiency directly affects the energy use and emissions of the boiler.

7. Control of Heating Systems:
Radiators and other heating elements are important for the efficient operation of the boiler. Make sure that these systems do not trap air and that all parts are heated evenly.


Boiler maintenance is vital for both your safety and comfort. Scheduling annual maintenance with a professional service is the best way to avoid potential problems and reduce energy costs.

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